Silvertip Resort Wedding: Jen + Andy

Jen wanted a beautiful snowy winter wedding in the mountains, with minimal environmental impact (a green wedding) and rustic natural elements. Everything fell into place, including a well-timed snowfall the night before the wedding. They’ve been together for many years, and this wedding was all about celebrating their official union with their family and friends. I was invited to stay for the reception dinner, and one thing I discovered is that when I’m not shooting, and listening to all those romantic stories of their time together, I start to tear up. Seriously, I should never be without a camera in my hand! This was everything a wedding should be: a true celebration of love and family. It just happened to look good too! star

How/when did the two of you meet?

Jen: we met in high school, officially in Grade 9 Art Class but we never really became friends until Grade 11. I think he was too shy to talk to me until then!
Andy: Jen’s fairly accurate on that one…

What did you think when you first laid eyes on your partner?

Jen: Andy was so cute and so sweet.
Andy: Jen was hot…

When did you know he/she was the one?

Jen: Although we’ve had some ups and downs in our relationship, I knew Andy was the one on our trip to the South Pacific in 2010/2011. After that, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in my life without him.
Andy: Jen and I had to spend some time apart after University. It was during that time I realized I already had what I was looking.

Tell us about the proposal.

Jen: It was the most perfect proposal! I never knew it was coming, even though we’ve been together for such a long time.
It was a Monday in early September and just another day. We took the dogs to our dog park and walked down to the Elbow River in Calgary. Before Trigger dashed into the water, Andy removed his collar. I was holding our new puppy Shelby on her leash, since she didn’t know how to swim.
A few minutes after tossing the stick into the water for Trigger, Andy put back Trigger’s collar without me looking. He then proceeded to tell me that early that day, he got Shelby’s dog tag, which I’d been nagging at him to do for several weeks. Then Andy told me he got a dog tag for Trigger too. And I proceeded to give him heck – “why does Trigger need one?! He has one already!”
Andy calmly told me to look at his collar. I saw the day’s date (September 4, 2012) engraved on it. I of course snottily replied, “why is there a date on this?!”
Andy rolled his eyes and said, “oh just turn it around!”
And there it was engraved with, “Marry Me” and the engagement ring was attached to it.
I of course said, yes! But only after a couple, “are you serious?!” remarks.
Our dogs are such a big part of our life and we’ve grown closer together because of our little pooch family. It was just perfect.
Andy: I concur…

What was your favourite moment on your wedding day?

Jen: I truly loved all of it, but I specifically loved the moment when I first got to stand across from Andy at the wedding ceremony. I was so nervous about crying through the entire thing! But when I saw him smiling at me, it was as if it were just the two of us up there. And I just got so excited again to marry my best friend.
Andy: When we got to start enjoying the night with our family and friends to celebrate what we had been looking forward to for so long.

What was the inspiration or reasoning for your wedding style/theme?

Our theme was “nature-inspired, rustic, elegant” and it was meant to be a reflection of us as a couple over the past decade. We both love nature, the outdoors, having fun while being eco-conscious. If we could have had our dogs there, they would have been standing up there with us!

Venue: Silvertip Resort, Canmore
Marriage commissioner: Klaus Olhoff
Planner: the Bride and Bride’s mom
Flowers: Elements Floral
Hair: Cheryl Sullivan, X-Static Salon and Spa, Calgary
Makeup: Grace LeSerro, X-Static Salon and Spa, Calgary
Cake: Cake Creations, Canmore
Dress: Essence of Australia
Guestbook: Whiteout Shotski
Accommodations: Silver Creek Lodge, Canmore


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