Rustic wedding at Rafter Six: Briana & Nicholas

Briana and Nick planned a rustic casual wedding at Rafter Six Ranch on the edge of the Rockies near Calgary, Alberta. After the wedding the guests went on carriage rides around the ranch, and everyone gathered at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff for the reception. Like many brides Briana added DIY touches to the theme, and even made the bouquet herself. It’s always good to leave some things to the professionals, and the cake is often one of those things. This cake beautiful, and their little dog in the cake topper was delightful.

Their story

How did you meet?

We met through Heather, a mutual and long time friend of both of us. I (Nick) knew Heather from elementary school, and were close, small town neighbours. When we graduated high school, I’d spend most of my free weekends at York University where Heather and a number of my other friends were attending. During one of these visits, I was introduced to Heather’s roommate Bri. It wasn’t long after that we started dating.

When did you know he/she was the one?

We spent 7 weeks travelling South America together. Being that close for so long really cemented our relationship and proved we could stick together through anything.

What was your wedding theme and why?

Rustic, celebrating Alberta and the outdoors.

Favourite moment on your wedding day

Bri: “I was so nervous as soon as I started down the aisle with Mom & Dad. Everything was so beautiful, our family and friends all beaming, but I barely saw anyone except Nick. He looked just as nervous and as happy as I felt. The whole ceremony was so beautiful, and I barely made it through Nick’s vows without crying. When he pulled out his piece of paper and started speaking I was overcome with how special and meaningful this moment was to him, for both of us, and for everyone there.”

Nick: “Bri stepped around the corner long before getting to the aisle and i could already see her smile. I’ve never seen anyone look at me the way she did as she walked towards me. The ceremony started, and before i knew it, it was my turn to say my vows. I was lucky enough to go first while i still had my composure. After nervously reading my scribbled and best attempt at telling her my lifelong commitments as a husband, it was her turn. First came anticipation, then her heartfelt words, and then, a reminder why Bri will always be my best friend.”


Wedding venue: Rafter Six Ranch
Reception venue: Buffalo Mountain Lodge
Marriage commissioner: Stan Cowley
Flowers: Handmade by Bri. Special thanks to Elaine, Sandy and Candace for the vintage books.
Hair: Lillies and Lace
Makeup: Shoutout to the amazing Heather Adamick!
Cake: Cake Creations


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