Rockies engagement session – Chris & Alison

Banff engagement

What happens when you run out of daylight? You shoot in the dark! That’s what happened during Chris and Alison’s engagement session in the Rockies. We had it all planned out to catch the late afternoon light and then head to Vermillion Lakes for sunset. Unfortunately we got delayed (it was busy at Tim Hortons!) and when we got to Banff the sunset was looking good. And that’s obviously what everyone else thought because we couldn’t find a clear space to shoot at any of the docks and had to wait for the crowds to clear. It worked out amazingly well though, because we did the coolest photos with the stars and the night sky as our backdrop. The ring shots were also done in the dark – this was extremely fiddly and passed the time, for me anyway. Allee was probably freezing but she didn’t complain once. We looked up at all those stars, and it felt like everything had gone to plan.

I love that they brought a bottle of wine to their session, you can always count on Aussies to bring the booze. They were very natural in front of the camera, and despite the long grass we managed to get those gorgeous boots in some of the photos. As Allee said, it’s all about the boots!

They also brought an usual prop – a globe – perfect for travel loving people who work with maps all day!

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