Newborn session: behind the scenes

canmore newborn photographer

A newborn photography session doesn’t start at the moment the parents arrive – it actually starts when the parents complete their questionnaire and I read the responses. Then, before the session, I go through the prop stash and start putting pieces together to create the ‘look’ for the session. Not just what colours to use, but also styles – pretty and floral, earthy, rustic, vintage, sporty etc. I thought it might be fun to take you on a photo tour of this process!

I skipped over the incredibly boring process of setting up the stands and lighting, but I did give you a glimpse of the office where I store the blankets, baby outfits and studio items. If it looks like a lot of… bits and pieces… well that’s because it is. All those little things come together in the session to make those cute baby photos.

We ended up not using the purple blanket set because the hat didn’t fit, but I had an alternative set to use. I’m actually quite terrible at sticking to the plan, so I tend to have extras on hand!

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