Newborn photography: twins Owen & Wesley

newborn twins photography

Check out these two Banff baby ‘newborns’! Being preemies they had been in hospital for a while so they weren’t really newborns when it came time for their session, yet their gestational age wasn’t beyond the norm of other newborn sessions either. I knew it wouldn’t be easy (and it wasn’t, they were very light sleepers). They took turns being awake, but when they both slept it was just completely adorable. I’m not unhappy with the photo of them both awake at the start of the session either, they took a good look at me before drifting off to sleep and giving me the pose that I had envisaged.

Oh, and they look ridiculously cute in tiny denim jeans too πŸ™‚ All this and I didn’t even mention the dog! Hank was extremely well behaved and kept us company until it was his turn to join the two boys for a photo.

I hope every time mamma is exhausted from a night of no sleep with these two she will look at these little faces and feel joy. They are just too sweet.


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