Lake Louise & Emerald Lake wedding photos, Sharon & Daniel

Emerald lake wedding

Sharon and Daniel were quietly married at home Calgary, and were planning to do their wedding portraits on the same day – however with a sick groom we had to postpone for a few days until he recovered. We set a new date and headed for Lake Louise. Being late fall the lakes were not yet frozen, so they had both snow and gorgeous green water, a rather magical combination. Emerald Lake once again did not disappoint, I think this has to be one of the most beautiful places for wedding photos. Late in the day, there were no crowds either; we had it all to ourselves.

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    Nice to meet you. I am Mariko.We will go to Canada on our honeymoon in October. Since we do not have a wedding ceremony, we would like to take commemorative photos in Canada. We will stay at Jasper on October 8th and Lake Louise on October 10th. Can you let me take pictures on either day? Thank you.

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