Lake Louise canoe proposal: Jas & Sapna

The best way to beat the crowds at Lake Louise and have the special moment that you propose all to yourself is to head out onto the lake in a canoe, and that’s exactly what Jas did. I followed right behind on the next boat and we paddled around trying to get into the perfect spot. I was wondering what Sapna would think of all this paddling back and forth, but apparently this behaviour is typical and she just thought he was after the perfect shot! And he was, just not the shot she was thinking.


The staff at the boathouse let off a loud cheer as they watched through a spotting scope. Then Jas turned and pointed to my boat and we waved across the water.

After more paddling around on the lake, Jas and Sapna got changed into dressier clothes for their engagement photos. We did the rest of the session on the lakeshore, then headed up to Moraine Lake. This couple is outdoorsy and adventurous, so we had a lot of fun. While I was taking ring shots I looked up to find them playing catch with what I think was a pine cone. Seemed like a fun way to pass the time!

I was wearing water shoes, prepared to stand in the water for some different angles.  They were prepared to oblige me too and carefully balanced on the logs for the final photos. The water was freezing, but it’s all in a day’s work.

Congratulations Jas and Sapna and I know your wedding will be amazing!

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