Cochrane newborn photography: Jacqueline

Cochrane newborn photographer

Baby Jacqueline from Cochrane was sooo patient as we surrounded her with giant dogs (she was none the wiser despite the licking) and dirt bike gear. Then she was made a bit more girly with wraps and tiebacks, and she seemed to be ok with that too! She does look rather deep in thought when she is sleeping though.

I love labradors, so getting to do a newborn session with two chocolate labs was the best thing ever, and Trapper and Scout were more than happy to pose for the camera and get their treats! With a lot of help from mum and dad of course, since the dogs didn’t really know why they were there. These ‘sibling’ shots were actually easier to get than with most toddlers, and of course with all sibling shots we make sure baby is safe at all times.

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